Our Leaders

The other day I saw the movie ‘Invictus’. The movie was about Nelson Mandela. It showed how despite being imprisoned by the whites in his own country for 27 years, he emerged as the first black president bringing an end to apartheid.  After being elected the president, Nelson Mandela set an example for all blacks by tolerating whites in the government institutions and actually making it possible for the South African football team (supported only by the whites as it had only one black player)to win the world cup. It was truly inspirational. There was a scene where a South African newspaper poses a question to the leadership of Nelson Mandela. The news paper said, “He can win the elections but can he run a country?”  Mandela was accompanied by a body guard when he saw the paper, the black body guard unsurprisingly criticized the article while Mandela justified it by saying, “It is a legitimate question”.  After this scene, throughout the movie, I only thought about one thing. Our Leaders. The leaders of Pakistan.

Let’s turn our attention to the leaders of our country. Can any of us imagine what would our country’s leader’s response to this question have been?  Let’s take Zardari as an example. What would he say?  A leader needs to have a vision, be able to take risks, make decisions, motivate others, and communicate effectively. He needs to inspire people by setting an example. How many of these qualities would you think our leaders have. Hardly any! In my opinion Pakistan right now does not have a political figure that deserves to be called a ‘leader’. If anyone stands out, it would be Imran Khan. Imran Khan is probably the only politician to have given more to Pakistan than taken away from it. Creating the Shaukat Khanum was only one of his many contributions. Recently, he has started to build an education city. What have other’s done? They have looted our country everytime they have come to power. How long can we keep watching our country being robbed by its own leaders?  The Prophet (sallallahu aleihi wa sallam) said:

“Allah does not punish the individuals for the sins of the community until they see the evil spreading among themselves, and while they have the power to stop it, do not do so.”

We should not let this evil spread any further and put a stop to it by standing up for what is right. Let’s encourage good people to come forward and contest elections.

6 thoughts on “Our Leaders

  1. Syeda

    You are so biased! I can’t believe you lost the plot there! You were going so well until Imran Khan popped out of nowhere!

    Can we stop supporting Imran khan please? Just because he’s a cricketer and you’re really into cricket does NOT mean you should become his publicist! You are starting a revolution, NOT a fan base for Khan that is disguised as ‘revolution’.

    1. makenaun Post author

      Salam Syeda,
      i don’t support Imran Khan because he’s a cricketer, he was one..now he is a politician and i was just trying to point out that he is one of those people who’s actually done somethng for the country, i am not publicizing him or for that matter anyone else…i think we should all agree to disagree. if you don’t support him, don’t expect others to do the same. 🙂

  2. Umair

    oye auni yaara nice n boht aala…
    itz very hard to find sum1 like Nelson mandela in Pakistan n yeh Imran Khan is a nice person but I dont think k he is a gud politician..
    We need sum1 who can bring a reolution to our country similar to wat hapened in Iran..

    1. makenaun Post author

      thanks Umair. One person alone can not bring a revolution, all of us have to be part of it for it to happen. We just need someone to lead us.

  3. Moomal

    We’ve got your back, Aun =]
    Plus I’d like to say that I’ve lived in Pakistan all my life and have seen how much Imran Khan has done for the country. He probably has the courage to alter the image of a typical, corrupt politician so some people might have a problem accepting him as a leader.
    And he has all the qualities that should be there in a leader. He speaks for the common mam more than anyone else does. He speaks of the global perspective of the Muslims.
    His hospitality and sympathy for the people emerges when we see his administrating Shaukat Khannum Memorial Hospital (which is serving the humanity with high standards of medicine, by the way).
    If Imran gets his chance he will most definitely bring about a revolution and that too in a very short time.

  4. Anonymous

    Aun good job and keep writing but i think Syeda is right about building a fan base for Imran khan, you need to cite more evidence to show Imran’s efforts in Pakistan and also look at ways in which he can improve upon his weaknesses.


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