Why Should I Vote?

“The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men”. Plato

The above mentioned quote summarizes the message of this post beautifully. It is simple. If you do not vote, you have no right to criticize the policies of the government.  As to why should we vote, we should vote because to do so is our fundamental democratic right as citizens of Pakistan. Often people make excuses and say, “what differences does one vote make”. In my opinion one vote makes all the difference.  I can recall this interesting story my dad always narrates to me and my siblings.

It goes like this….There is a king who wants a pond of milk in his kingdom so he orders his subordinates to dig a pond and tells the people living in his kingdom to each pour a bucket of milk in the pond at night. One person thinks it’s too dark for the guards to notice so if he pours a bucket of water, while all others pour milk, it wouldn’t make a difference. Next morning when the King goes to visit the pond, he finds it full of water.  What has happened is that everybody has poured a bucket of water thinking “I don’t have to pour the milk, others will do it”.

So, it starts with one person. It starts from you! If all of us start thinking one vote won’t make a difference, it will end up with most of the people not voting. Think about it this way. Zardari was elected by the same parliament we voted for. People’s party was brought to power with our votes. The politicians we criticize for corruption have been elected with our votes. It is said, “People deserve the leaders they get”, and so is it our fault after all? It is. It is our fault in the sense that we do not vote. The eligible voting age for a person in Pakistan is 18 years provided he is mentally fit. I am turning 21 and I have never voted. I have never seen any of my friends vote either. This is a shame.  Most of the people who vote are those whose votes have been bought by the politicians through pennies and fake promises. Most of these people are the people residing in rural areas. Let us promise ourselves to vote in the next elections and swing the results of the elections our way. It is important because we choose the representative who will make laws and policies that govern how we live. We will have a say in how our society is governed.

4 thoughts on “Why Should I Vote?

  1. Yasir Makei

    Impressive.. You have got the vision man! Keep up the great work. May Allah bless you and help you to contribute for the betterment of our beloved homeland Pakistan.

    P.S: I didnt know that you can write that well!

    Yasir bhai

  2. Anonymous

    Aun jaan this one is good, you’re right we need to know when to blame ourselves apart from frequently shifting responsibility on other factors, which also might be playing a hand, so that we can learn from the past and build a better future.

  3. Amit Kaur

    As I sais earlier, I couldn’t have agreed anymore. The same applies to India as well. I keep having such similar debates and I have observed that concrete reasoning does make the pessimists think again. So keep writing. As you said, it all starts with us 🙂

    A suggestion:May be you can add some more such interesting anecdotes and use some strong/harsh words too. (Its just a personal opinion as I prefer doing that.)


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