hope is what keeps us alive

Be it in politics, sports, infrastructure, security, economy or education, Pakistanis today are lagging behind in every field and to a stranger it would seem as if our country is on the verge of breaking apart. As far as the life of an ordinary citizen in Pakistan is concerned, it is as bad as any nightmare could get.

With shortages of power and frequent black outs, with people starving to death and long queues outside the utility stores, with suicide bombings and innocents being killed by the 100s, with the investment climate being uncertain and foreigners pulling out investment, with the Pakistan cricket board imposing bans on senior cricketers, with the Pakistani hockey team facing a shameful exit in the Hockey World Cup, with the public admittance of corruption by our politicians, with Pakistanis being rejected visas in Western nations and labeled as terrorists, with the four provinces fighting each other over power, Pakistan remains in a state of disarray and faces an uncertain and shaky future. There is a layer of fear spread on the nation’s face.

Many Pakistanis wonder themselves what is that has kept them alive. What is that which after all these saddening episodes of suicide bomb blasts has kept the nation going? What is that which has caused the people of Pakistan to start a new tomorrow after every sad day? What is that which tells the people to keep moving forward even after being hit by all these bomb blasts? What was that which caused the people of Pakistan to come out on the streets to protest for the deposed Chief justice in the midst of threats of suicide bombings? What is that which has kept our economy going even when the Foreign direct investment is at its all time low?

It is hope. Hope is what has kept us going and what will keep us alive. It is the hope we receive from Allah. It is the hope we receive from politicians like Imran Khan who don’t sell our in search of power. It is the hope people like Abdul Sattar Edhi, who spent his whole lif serving the poor and the needy, give us. It is hope we get from Muhammad Abbas, the first ever Pakistani to take part in winter Olympics. Islam also stresses on hopefulness. A verse from the Quran says: ”they call upon their Lord in fear and ardent hope” (Surat as-Sajda, 16). Muslims are told not to turn away from Allah in any situation. “Do not despair of solace from Allah. No one despairs of solace from Allah except for people who do not believe.” (Surah Yusuf, 87) Another verse asks us to recount Allah’s blessings and look at what we have have and not at what we don’t have. “ He has given you everything for which you have asked Him. If you tried to number Allah’s blessings, you could never count them. Man is indeed wrongdoing, ungrateful.” (Surah Ibrahim, 34)

It is very important not to give up and just hold on. So, I hope one day there will be no more bomb blasts. I hope one day Shia’s and Sunnis will stand united under the banner of Islam. I hope one day Sindhis, Pashtuns, Baluchis and Punjabis will stand united for Pakistan. I hope one day our people will stop being called terrorists. I hope one day the poor will wake up to see a better future. I hope one day my country will produce the best sportsmen the world has ever known. I hope one day unemployment rate in Pakistan will be insignificant. I hope one day the literacy rate would surprise our neighboring countries and be an inspiration for them. I hope one day our politicians will stop filling their own pockets and put Pakistan first. I hope one day Pakistan will change.

2 thoughts on “hope is what keeps us alive

  1. Mohammad

    You write well!

    I sometimes come to a pause when thinking about the fact that even though Pakistan is going though the unimaginable….but somehow….. we are still alive….people are still continuing on with their lives….I guess its hope that keeps us going….

    However, it should also be noted that if we want to rise and not just live with the bare minimum then we also need action.

    1. makenaun Post author

      thank you Mohammad and yes you are absolutely right when you say action needs to be taken by us improve our situation. Allah too says in the Quran he helps those who help them selves. I believe words without action are nothing. InshAllah, i will put my words to action when I return to Pakistan.


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