Gaza Don’t You Cry, We Will Never Let You Die!

I have never been to their homeland, I have never seen these people, I don’t know their names but when any one of them dies, a cold chill runs through my body, tears fall down my eyes, and my voice rises to stop the atrocities against them. These are the people of Gaza. The innocent souls who have been subjected to continuous torture by the state of Israel.

For me, it all started in the winters of 2008 when Israel started its offensive against them. Israelis said, in response to the rockets fired by the ‘militant’ group Hamas, they had to show their power and scare these militants off. Thus, they fired rockets on schools and hospitals, they burnt down homes and mosques, they killed women and children all in the name of defeating the extremists. The most shocking news came when they attacked a UN building housing innocent people. Given the exact co-ordinates of the places the terrorists were ‘supposedly’ hiding, how could they make such a big mistake? How could they confuse children with armed militants? How could they kill their families, raid their houses?

Then, there were claims that weapons were being delivered to the militants in Gaza from outside so they put a siege on Gaza by blocking all the possible entrances to it. The recent attack on the Freedom Flotilla in international waters came as the latest brutal Israeli attack. More shocking was to see the Israeli government defend it. It was an act of piracy; the Israeli commandos had landed on the ship with their machine guns. The ship was in international waters and the people on board had full right to resist the Israelis. The attack by Israelis followed the killing of 9 peace activists. Their death written down by western media as ‘a result of a clash’. How could they so easily manipulate the facts and convert an open attack into a clash. The people on board had not provoked anyone, they were unarmed, carrying wheelchairs and other medical supplies for the people of Gaza and still the Israeli government had no shame in labeling them as supporting terrorism, killing them and seizing the ship. The Israelis are best at finding ways to kill innocent people. They respond to one rocket fired by Hamas by killing a dozen innocent children. They responded to the resistance of peace activists by indiscriminate firing. 30 bullets were found in 9 bodies. In one case, there were four bullet wounds in one person.

When Iran talks about enriching uranium, American is the first one to impose sanctions on it. But when Israel publicly kills thousands of innocent people, the American government turns a blind eye to it.  Although the United Nations did condemn the attack, they are powerless and cannot go against America’s wishes. The prime example of their dummy role was America invading Iraq despite their disapproval. It’s the people living all around the world who have to wake up and rise in such situations. We have to forget the differences in our language, in our religion, in our culture and stand united for humanity. The people of the world have to realize the dire need of aid by the people of Gaza. They need to acknowledge the Israeli government’s decision to block the passages to Gaza as illegal and wholly unnecessary. They need to put pressure on their governments to force Israel to lift the siege. They have to take a Freedom Flotilla to Gaza every day until the siege is lifted. FOR THE PEOPLE UNITED WILL NEVER BE DEFEATED!

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