All of us are part of the Sialkot lynching

I woke up to a nightmare. In my dream, I had seen two guys being brutally beaten up until they had died. I had just stood there wanting to do something but being unable to. I had felt helpless. All I did was pray to God asking him to do something. Nothing had happened. I sat in my bed and realized it wasn’t a nightmare, it was in fact the video of the two boys brutally murdered in Sialkot in front a mob. It was that video which I had seen before going to bed that had replayed in my mind. It was a reminder that I was part of that mob which witnessed the killing of those boys in my dream as well as in real life. After some thinking, I realized I really am part of that mob, in fact I believe all Pakistanis are.

What disturbed me even more was the reactions to these killings by our public. Every one was asking for the people responsible to be arrested and hanged. The CJ LHC ordered for an inquiry, the CJ SC took suo motu on the killings and suspended the DPO. Nothing else happened. Unfortunately, these situations are only temporarily catered for. An inquiry is always ordered and only superficial justice is served.However, have we ever tried to look at the root cause? Have we ever tried to figure out why such issues emerge in the first place?

When will we come to realize that the real problem lies in our roots, in our up bringing and in our education. Arresting or hanging the culprits are superficial procedures which won’t yield anything in the long run. After a time people will forget what happened and move on. Tell me what happened after the swat flogging. It shocked all of us. The media spoke about it for days. CJ took the suo motu notice. After a while every one forgot about it or even if we didn’t forget about it we didn’t do anything to stop it from recurring. The matter was simply put under the carpet. Once our emotions cooled down, no one bothered to talk about it anymore. No one wanted to address the underlying issues and problems which gave rise to the incident.

This time lets use our emotions in a constructive way. Let us focus on the real problems. The problems concerning our roots and our identity. The problems concerning our education and our upbringing. I believe that if our education system is strong and by strong i mean a well grounded education system which teaches you to use reason and contemplation before acting, an education system which teaches you creativity and integrity, an education system which teaches you generosity and forgiveness, we will never face such problems.

One way we can provide such well grounded education is by teaching our students to use the Islamic values in their practical life. Islam is a a religion of peace. These killings show the contrary. That is because our Islamiat classes our loaded with facts, it is because we are not taught the practical aspects of Islam. Moreover, a well grounded education also includes talking about our national heroes inside the classroom. I believe in Pakistan we don’t value our heroes. Unfortunately, the great Muslim thinker Allama Iqbal has been merely reduced to the level of a poet. His philosophy is never taught in schools or for that matter discussed in homes. It is a shame he happens to belong from the same city where this unfortunate event took place. These problems only trickle down through our own society and we cut the root cause we will never allow them to trickle down to the level of these killings or the Swat flogging. After all, the real purpose of education is not to get us a good job but to make us good human beings and remind us there is a fundamental difference between human beings and animals.

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