The Forgotten People

Photo Credits: Zain Maken

Children from a slum in front of the British School in New Delhi. While I got to attend the prestigious school, these children wandered the streets.  This area was one of New Delhi’s posh areas. With clean wide roads, beautiful compounds of embassies from all around the world, this slum in the middle of everything stood as a reminder to all of us of the huge disparities that exist in the world. The government of India seemed to have neglected these people. The wired fence which can be seen in this picture was put around the slum to curb the presence of the people living in it. These people didn’t have access to clean water. There was also no sanitation.  My younger brother who went to the same school initiated a project to provide access to clean water to these people. With his commitment towards the project and his hard work, a water tank was finally installed in the slum before we left India. This act of a Pakistani student for the Indians living in the slum reinforced my belief in the spirit of humanity which transcends through all geographic boundaries, races and religions.

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