The Road to Peace

I took this picture while crossing the Pakistan-India border by foot. The only thing which separated the two countries was a barbed wire in between. People on both sides eat the same food, dress the same way, listen to the same kind of music, pray to the same God, talk the same language, watch the same movies, crack the same jokes, and most importantly play good cricket. Yet these two countries have fought 2 major wars and other small scale wars since their independence. The governments of both the countries have ignored poverty and and unemployment inside them and taken up a never ending arms race. They spend billions of dollars in acquiring weapons which will never be used. The people on both sides want peace. For this the people on both sides need to interact with each other to realize how similar they are. The barbed wire has been put there to separate us and not let us find out the truth about our neighbors. The road to peace is still there and gives us hope for the future.

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