You can’t please everyone

When I was little my dad would often make me sit down and read me a story. One fable which I still remember goes like this… Once an old man decided to take his son to the market place. Both of them got on to their donkey and started their journey. As soon as they reached a village on their way, a group of people gathered around them and said, ‘what cruel people you are, you are going to crush that little donkey’. At hearing this, the son got off and told his father to ride the donkey while he held its reins. They had almost approached a second village when a fat old lady passing by stopped besides them and yelled, ‘you lazy old man, you sit comfortably while your son walks in the hot sun. Shame on you!’ The father and son swapped their positions and now the old man walked as his son sat on the donkey. At their arrival at the third village, a group of girls passing by murmured, ‘What a rude little boy … why won’t he let his poor old father ride? The little child feeling ashamed got off the donkey and walked alongside his old man. Finally when they had almost approached their destination they heard people whispering, ‘how stupid they are, they walk in the scorching heat while they have a perfectly strong animal at their disposal’. The son looked at his father in embarrassment. After a little while both of them stopped in the shade of a big tree and the old man looking at his son said, ‘Well, my son, have you been paying attention? People will always have something to say about what we do. But do what you must. That’s life.’


4 thoughts on “You can’t please everyone

  1. eva626

    what ever you do the public is never happy, unless you do what they want you to, but there are so many people and as your title states “you cant please everyone”. Its your life, live it as you wish! others will just get you confused…lol sounds like i am putting many quotes in one comment, o well…


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