Gratitude is the best attitude

The other day I went to work without having anything to eat. Two hours in to work I started feeling really hungry. Fifteen minutes later my stomach was gurgling. Twenty minutes after that I could hardly focus on my work. I had forgotten my wallet at home and there was no way I could get anything to eat from the cafeteria of the library I was working at. Then I did some self talk. I asked myself what’s the worst possible thing that could happen to me if I don’t eat for another few hours. I wouldn’t have died of hunger.

This made me think of those people who do die from hunger, who live their whole lives without sufficient food. I thought of the millions of children who are malnourished and the millions of people who don’t know when they will have their next meal. In my case, I only had to kill some hours before I was back home making myself something to eat but what about these people. What do they look forward to?  So many people around the world have committed suicide because their existence has became a burden for them. So many have killed their own children because they have been unable to feed them.

I couldn’t complain. I had so much. Our own problems seem so big to us sometimes. It’s as if we look at our problems through magnifying glasses. Its only when we look at the world around us that we realize how much we have been blessed with. We have to be grateful for what we have and reach out to those who have nothing.


One thought on “Gratitude is the best attitude

  1. Romesa

    I had a very similar experience at university. I had no debit/credit cards and I had only twenty something in cash which I had just used to buy lecture texts. When I realized this I went back to the copy center to return them and they didn’t let me. So I had a few cents in cash which I used to buy a timbit to last me the whole day and I was on the verge of tears not because I felt sorry for myself or because I was hungry but because there were people out there who lived in this perpetual state of gathering change and buying measly bits of food. It was eye opening. And a devastating realization.


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