The Wish to Stop Time

Sometimes, some things are not in our control. However much we may try to achieve them, they remain out of our hands. They just seem to be physically impossible. When you are told about someone’s sudden death, it comes off as a shock and is hard to digest but you come to terms with it as the person has already passed away. However, there are times when a loved one is aged or suffering from an incurable disease. Times like these are when you feel helpless. The person is in front of you one day and gone forever another day. How do you brace yourself for this? My maternal grandfather is in his 80s and the doctors have implied that there are very few chances of him surviving by telling the family to be prepared for all sorts of news.  It’s easier to tell someone to be prepared but it’s another thing for one to be prepared for such news. For the doctor, my nana might just be another patient but for me there is no one like him. I can’t prepare myself to be told that he’s gone forever. All I can do is to point my hands up in the air and tell myself there is a God listening to me. Today, I have prayed God for a miracle, I have prayed for time to stop. I have prayed for my nana to live forever.


2 thoughts on “The Wish to Stop Time

  1. mahlaqa

    Aun, u know living forever can never be. but i know it is easy said than done. letting go of ur loved one is beyond pain.. i pray with u for his recovery. May Allah SWT grant him health. amen

  2. eva626

    ^ameen. this a really touching post. I hope everything turns out ok and everyone has to face this one day or anyother. When I was younger I had thought nothing like this would ever happen to me…cause you know i was a kid back then. Then one morning my mom was talking to our relatives and she got the news that my grandfather passed away (May Allah give him JanaH). She was crying so much and I the same. I couldnt believe it happened..from then I have accepted other news like that and now I just pray that people will pray for me the same way we do for our late loved ones…sorry for the long comment..


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