About Aun

Salam/ Namaste/ Satsriakal/ Hello! I am a Pakistani student based in Toronto. A novice writer and a wanna-be photographer, I have spent 16 years of my life in Pakistan, 3 in India and have been living in Toronto for the last 4 years. A student of political science and the son of a Pakistani bureaucrat/diplomat/farmer, I have heard and read stuff about Pakistan from many different perspectives.

Like most Pakistanis I am sick of what’s going on in our country and I feel the need for “something” to be done. But unlike most people, I believe “something” needs to be done by us. I strongly believe that we, as citizens, have a big role to play if we want our country to get off the downward spiral its been put on by its leaders and its citizens. Not doing anything about the problem is as good as being part of it.

I believe all of us are capable of making some change in our own capacity. Blessed with different talents, fortunes and life styles, all of us have a responsibility to help those who are in need. Our nation has been blessed with enormous talent and beauty. Instead of reddening its beautiful landscape with the blood of our fellow citizens and shutting doors to opportunity for our fellow citizens, we should work together to preserve the beauty of this country and provide equal opportunity to every Pakistani citizen regardless of color, caste, religion and social standing.

This blog is a collection of my thoughts. I encourage debate, questions and constructive criticism. So, let it be a learning experience for you and me.

If you have any advice for me or any experience/story/incident you would like to share, please don’t hesitate to write to me at a.maken@utoronto.ca


Aun Maken


16 thoughts on “About Aun

  1. Faiza Ahsan

    Aun…i feel soooo proud of this. May Allah bless u, and IA together, the youth of Pakistan is going to bring a revolution.
    Keep up the good work. May Allah help u!

  2. Sara

    Bhaisaab, how come you haven’t been writing and analyzing for a long time now? I’d like to know what your thoughts are on a range of issues:
    -the current crisis facing the Ahmadi community
    -renaming Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa
    -directions forward for Pakistani civil society (and lessons it can adapt from civil movements worldwide)
    -Punjabi groups and union with TTP
    -Musharraf’s prospective re-entry into politics
    -shoaib malik & sania mirza (kidding….kind of)
    and much much more. Please write !

    1. makenaun Post author

      some of the issues you mentioned above have actually been on my mind for a long time now and i will be sharing my views on them soon inshAllah.

  3. Sara

    “We were short of trained men as many had been arrested or killed in the crackdown following 9/11. The places where we could set-up training camps were also declared out of bounds.
    “The easiest way to fight back was to use a bomb and the easiest way to ensure its success was to use someone to manually detonate the device. Little training was needed, and the younger the bomber the easier it was to convince them,” the militant said.

    (Chilling words belonging to an unnamed militant in a 2009 interview with BBC Islamabad: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/7972565.stm)

  4. Aliya

    Nice and immense encouraging thoughts and intentions.
    May ALlAH endow you great Sprite and enthusaiam to full fill them.

  5. mahlaqa

    hi there
    ur name brought me to ur blog. what does it mean?? curious. n yes ur introduction is more like a message and its a message i have loved 🙂

  6. eva626

    great stuff..i always think about the country and how the political state is so messed up…the people also are too involved in themselves…to “busy” in their own lives…i think everyone should unite and do something about it…if i could do something i def would!!…with some help of course lol …well good luck on every thing and nice blog!

  7. Jane

    Hi aun,
    It’s refreshing to read your viewpoint as a citizen, as a youth and as an advocate of change. I haven’t had the chance to navigate everything on your blog and i would like to ask if you have written or have any opinion on women and their role in a culture and society such as yours. How do you think they can contribute as members of the society for a better and modern Pakistan without sacrificing religious traditions etc. Is there a crosspoint where women could be valuable and respected and be productive member of this nation?
    I am looking forward to your reply.


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